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Pomegranate Stone Tile



A distinctive, bold 3 tile repeat design of meandering open Pomegranates.

The Pomegranate motif has been a favourite of mine since my family and I lived in Jerusalem. Living in a very old house there, we had a large Pomegranate tree growing up around our balcony. Watching it flower, then ripen into these stunning deep red fruits was inspirational. No wonder this remarkable fruit has become so symbolic down through the ages and a by-word for blessing, prosperity and fruitfulness.

This tile has been designed in direct collaboration with one of America's leading tile-crafting companies, established in 1965. The clay has been sourced sustainably and mostly, locally in the Inland Pacific Northwest, thanks to an abundance of some of the finest clay America has to offer here.
  •  Residential and commercial grade. Strong enough for both interior and exterior use. Designed for floors and walls. Wet rooms, kitchens, patios and also any heavy traffic areas.
  •  Thickness: 1/4 in - 5/16 in.
  • • Available in three sizes: 12x12 in, 8x8 in, 6x6 in.
  •  Minimum order: 45 square feet
  • • A full box has to be ordered from the manufacturer so the order will be rounded up to the nearest box size.
  •  These tiles are custom made. Please allow 6-8 weeks lead time. Due to the COVID 19 VIRUS lead times may be longer.
  •  This is a natural product. Each tile is pressed individually, so there may be a very slight variance in size.
  • *It is very important to remember when ordering these tiles that they are a unique custom order, and because of that, every firing will come out slightly differently. Therefore, please make sure that you order a percentage of extras in case of breakages while fitting, and possible future accidents. For a single tile design, 10-15% extra is recommended. For a 2-3 tile design, 20-30% extra is recommended.
  • *Please email your order to for us to give you an accurate shipping quote. 
  • *We would be delighted to discuss your order. Please feel free to call us at (208)596-4316.
  • *It is important to use a certified tile installer and consult the TCNA tile installation guidelines before installing.