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About Anna

Anna Benham is a British artist and designer from Bath, England. Her vivid, expressive style is often characterized by unique and bold motifs, hand-painted with sumptuous colours.

After finishing school, Anna travelled extensively. Much of her inspiration comes from the diverse cultures she visited: the fabulous and vivacious fabrics of the Hausa women of Nigeria; the rich floral motifs of the Suzani embroideries in Bukhara, Uzbekistan; the exquisite Azulejo tiles of Portugal; and the architecture and watercolours of Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Glasgow where she studied. When she returned to her hometown of Bath, she took some dyes leftover from art school and began to paint. Her studio was an old caravan in her parents' garden. A few months later she sold her first design to the British fashion house, Monsoon.

Over the next several years, Anna had the privilege of seeing her designs bought by many established companies, such as Harrods, English Heritage, Royal Grafton, Tie Rack, LSA International, and Giorgio Armani. Her work was produced mostly onto fabrics for the fashion industry but also appeared on chinaware, silk scarves, stationery, boutique packaging, and kitchenware.

After her first two children were born, Anna put down her brushes to focus her energy on her family. But in recent years, she has taken them back up, painting with colours and patterns as vibrant and dynamic as before. Anna is committed to creating stunning products with strong reference to British heritage and craftsmanship, an appreciation of beauty, and a sense of playful sophistication. She now lives in Idaho, USA with her family.