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Tile Installation


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Tiles are a custom order. Price is per square footage unless otherwise noted.


  • It is important to use a certified tile installer and consult the TCNA tile installation guide lines before installing.     
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to determine the suitability of the tiles before purchasing. Due to the handmade nature of these tiles, there will be colour, size and thickness variations.
  • These tiles are non-rectified. Which means they have been hand-pressed and not mechanically cut. Therefore they will have a natural, uneven edge and will require a wider grout joint. A 3/16 inch width grout joint is recommended.


  • Lay out tiles and work out the cuts needed.
  • Be considerate of tile spacing before installing.
  • MAKE SURE that you have enough tiles to complete the job, with extras, before installing, in case of breakages while installing. Please remember because each tile order is unique and therefore any supplementary tiles may vary in nuance from your original order.        
  • Any claims in regards to colour and size discrepancy after installation cannot be accepted.


  • CUTTING Recommended Tools: - Diamond blade wet tile saw for cutting - Diamond bit with water for drilling
  • Safety glasses, gloves
  • If any tiles have imperfections, set them aside for possible cuts later.
  • A new tile blade will make a cleaner cut than an old blade.
  • Make sure the water on the blade is clean and working well at full force.
  • Stone or sand edges after cutting.
  • Use cut edges against the outside walls or ceiling where they are hidden.
  • Make sure the faucet flange covers any chipping on the edges of a cut-out.
  • Dip tiles in clean water before cutting.
  • Dry tiles after cutting and before applying silicone and/or caulking.


  • Use ¼ inch notched trowel, safety glasses, and wet clothes.
  • The proper substrate and setting materials must be worked out on an individual case basis. Consult with your installer, contractor or architect.
  • The TCNA recommend using a modified thin-set for these type of ceramic tiles.
  • Do not spread thinnest over too large an area as it sets within 5-15 minutes.


  • Recommended Tools: - Tile Spacers, shims, laser level, construction level, chalk line, tape measure, pencil.
  • It is recommended to use a professional for tighter grout joints.
  • If the grout space is too tight the tile could chip at stress points while the grout dries.